Color of a Woman

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     So-Ra (Yoon So-Yi) comes from an ordinary background, but she works very hard. She is then betrayed by her boyfriend and her dreams of becoming a professor fails. Byun So-Ra then joins a cosmetics company …

    So-Ra despises women who focuses only on their looks. She came out on top academically from elementary school all the way up to graduate school, but she hasn’t had much luck with personal relationships. So-Ra tries to do everything for her boyfriend, including writing his thesis paper, but she catches him cheating on her with her friend Jin-Joo (Lee Soo-Kyung). So-Ra is filled with anger, thinking back to the time her boyfriend said he doesn’t want to have sex with her, but he does with Jin-Joo. Those words brings back memories of a past experience. So-Ra becomes even angrier and starts to throw things at them, with her boyfriend covering up Jin-Joo to protect her. So-Ra leaves her boyfriend’s apartment and Jin-Joo follows her. Jin-Joo explains that when she asked her boyfriend if he was in a relationship with So-Ra he replied they were just friends. Jin-Joo asks if they have had sex and So-Ra replies that it’s none of her business. Jin-Joo criticizes So-Ra’s attitude towards men. Jin-Joo tells So-Ra that she seems to have someone else on her mind and is pretending to love her current boyfriend.

    Sources: Asianwiki, Wikipedia

  • Other title:
  • Genres: ComedyDramaRomance
  • Release: 2011
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: South Korea

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