Love Family

  • Summary:

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    This is a story about a ‘Happy Home’ where three daughters of the owner lives. Wan Sheng Ren’s mother has a rule that he must be married before he reaches 30 years old, so she tries to match make him. But Wan Sheng Ren can’t forget the little girl he met when he was young – the angel who gave him the feeling of warmth. The only object he has in memoryis a hankerchief. Coincidentally he sees on the news a bulletin about a ‘Happy Home’, the logo for the home happens to be the same as the logo on the hankerchief. So he applies for a job at the ‘Happy Home’. Here he meets the three sisters, including You Ai.
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  • Other title: You Ai Yi Jia Ren
  • Genres: DramaFamilyLifeRomance
  • Release: 2013
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: Taiwan

Love Family Episode List:
Love Family-episode-1- Love Family-episode-2- Love Family-episode-3- Love Family-episode-4- Love Family-episode-5- Love Family-episode-6- Love Family-episode-7- Love Family-episode-8- Love Family-episode-9- Love Family-episode-10- Love Family-episode-11- Love Family-episode-12- Love Family-episode-13- Love Family-episode-14- Love Family-episode-15- Love Family-episode-16- Love Family-episode-17- Love Family-episode-18- Love Family-episode-19- Love Family-episode-20- Love Family-episode-21- Love Family-episode-22- Love Family-episode-23- Love Family-episode-24- Love Family-episode-25- Love Family-episode-26- Love Family-episode-27- Love Family-episode-28- Love Family-episode-29- Love Family-episode-30- Love Family-episode-31- Love Family-episode-32- Love Family-episode-33- Love Family-episode-34- Love Family-episode-35- Love Family-episode-36- Love Family-episode-37- Love Family-episode-38- Love Family-episode-39- Love Family-episode-40- Love Family-episode-41- Love Family-episode-42- Love Family-episode-43- Love Family-episode-44- Love Family-episode-45- Love Family-episode-46- Love Family-episode-47- Love Family-episode-48- Love Family-episode-49- Love Family-episode-50- Love Family-episode-51- Love Family-episode-52- Love Family-episode-53- Love Family-episode-54- Love Family-episode-55- Love Family-episode-56- Love Family-episode-57- Love Family-episode-58- Love Family-episode-59- Love Family-episode-60- Love Family-episode-61- Love Family-episode-62- Love Family-episode-63- Love Family-episode-64- Love Family-episode-65- Love Family-episode-66- Love Family-episode-67- Love Family-episode-68- Love Family-episode-69- Love Family-episode-70- Love Family-episode-71- Love Family-episode-72-

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