My Heart Twinkle Twinkle

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    Soon-Jin (Jang Shin-Young) works as a school teacher. Her father owns a modest chicken restaurant Jinsim. She has two younger sisters: Soon-Soo (Lee Tae-Im) and Soon-Jung (Nam Bo-Ra). Since her mother died, Soon-Jin has taken care of her father and her two younger sisters. Woon-Tak (Bae Soo-Bin) owns chicken restaurant franchise company. He has a secret crush on Soon-Jin, but he can’t display his feelings due to a conflict between his father and Soon-Jin’s father. Then, Soon-Jin’s father passes away and Woon-Tak approaches Soon-Jin. Without knowing Woon-Tak is connected to her father’s death, she marries Woon-Tak.

    Soon-Soo is the second daughter. She has an attractive appearance and majors in piano at a university. Due to her poor family background, she feels miserable.

    Soon-Jung is the youngest daughter. She is proud of her father. She becomes involved with two men: Soon-Cheol (Lee Pil-Mo) and Do-Hoon (Oh Chang-Suk).

    Sources: Asianwiki, Wikipedia

  • Other title:
  • Genres: Family
  • Release: 2015
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: South Korea

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