Nobunaga No Chef Season 2 (2014)

  • Summary:

    Watch Nobunaga No Chef Season 2 (2014) full episodes drama online English Sub.
    French chef Ken, who went back in time to the Sengoku period and became the personal chef of Oda Nobunaga, has regained a part of his lost memory. He learnt the way to return to the present with the help of Akechi Mitsuhide but did not go back and chose to live as Nobunaga’s chef. Nobunaga’s biggest and strongest enemy, the warlord Takeda Shingen and Nobunaga’s official wife Nouhime appears, heralding ups and downs in the relationship of trust between Nobunaga and Ken. And will Mitsuhide cause the Honnoji Incident?
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  • Other title: The Knife and the Sword Part 2
  • Genres: DramaFantasy
  • Release: 2014
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: Japanese

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