Pink Lipstick

  • Summary:

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    Yoo Ga Eun is a sweet-natured girl who dated and subsequently married her boyfriend, Park Jung Woo. However, she later discovers that her husband had an affair with her best friend, Mi Ran, and that their adopted daughter is actually Jung Woo and Mi Ran’s lovechild.
    To get revenge on them, she marries Maeng Ho Geol, a wealthy clothing retailer, and carefully plots their downfall. At the same time, Ga Eun alsomeets Ha Jae Bum, the man who falls deeply in love with her and promises to support her by her side, no matter what she does.
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  • Other title: Boonhong Lipstick
  • Genres: DramaMelodramaRomance
  • Release: 2010
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: Korean

Pink Lipstick Episode List:
Pink Lipstick-episode-1- Pink Lipstick-episode-2- Pink Lipstick-episode-3- Pink Lipstick-episode-4- Pink Lipstick-episode-5- Pink Lipstick-episode-6- Pink Lipstick-episode-7- Pink Lipstick-episode-8- Pink Lipstick-episode-9- Pink Lipstick-episode-10- Pink Lipstick-episode-11- Pink Lipstick-episode-12- Pink Lipstick-episode-13- Pink Lipstick-episode-14- Pink Lipstick-episode-15- Pink Lipstick-episode-16- Pink Lipstick-episode-17- Pink Lipstick-episode-18- Pink Lipstick-episode-19- Pink Lipstick-episode-20- Pink Lipstick-episode-21- Pink Lipstick-episode-22- Pink Lipstick-episode-23- Pink Lipstick-episode-24- Pink Lipstick-episode-25- Pink Lipstick-episode-26- Pink Lipstick-episode-27- Pink Lipstick-episode-28- Pink Lipstick-episode-29- Pink Lipstick-episode-30- Pink Lipstick-episode-31- Pink Lipstick-episode-32- Pink Lipstick-episode-33- Pink Lipstick-episode-34- Pink Lipstick-episode-35- Pink Lipstick-episode-36- Pink Lipstick-episode-37- Pink Lipstick-episode-38- Pink Lipstick-episode-39- Pink Lipstick-episode-40- Pink Lipstick-episode-41- Pink Lipstick-episode-42- Pink Lipstick-episode-43- Pink Lipstick-episode-44- Pink Lipstick-episode-45- Pink Lipstick-episode-46- Pink Lipstick-episode-47- Pink Lipstick-episode-48- Pink Lipstick-episode-49- Pink Lipstick-episode-50- Pink Lipstick-episode-51- Pink Lipstick-episode-52- Pink Lipstick-episode-53- Pink Lipstick-episode-54- Pink Lipstick-episode-55- Pink Lipstick-episode-56- Pink Lipstick-episode-57- Pink Lipstick-episode-58- Pink Lipstick-episode-59- Pink Lipstick-episode-60- Pink Lipstick-episode-61- Pink Lipstick-episode-62- Pink Lipstick-episode-63- Pink Lipstick-episode-64- Pink Lipstick-episode-65- Pink Lipstick-episode-66- Pink Lipstick-episode-67- Pink Lipstick-episode-68- Pink Lipstick-episode-69- Pink Lipstick-episode-70- Pink Lipstick-episode-71- Pink Lipstick-episode-72- Pink Lipstick-episode-73- Pink Lipstick-episode-74- Pink Lipstick-episode-75- Pink Lipstick-episode-76- Pink Lipstick-episode-77- Pink Lipstick-episode-78- Pink Lipstick-episode-79- Pink Lipstick-episode-80- Pink Lipstick-episode-81- Pink Lipstick-episode-82- Pink Lipstick-episode-83- Pink Lipstick-episode-84- Pink Lipstick-episode-85- Pink Lipstick-episode-86- Pink Lipstick-episode-87- Pink Lipstick-episode-88- Pink Lipstick-episode-89- Pink Lipstick-episode-90- Pink Lipstick-episode-91- Pink Lipstick-episode-92- Pink Lipstick-episode-93- Pink Lipstick-episode-94- Pink Lipstick-episode-95- Pink Lipstick-episode-96- Pink Lipstick-episode-97- Pink Lipstick-episode-98- Pink Lipstick-episode-99- Pink Lipstick-episode-100- Pink Lipstick-episode-101- Pink Lipstick-episode-102- Pink Lipstick-episode-103- Pink Lipstick-episode-104- Pink Lipstick-episode-105- Pink Lipstick-episode-106- Pink Lipstick-episode-107- Pink Lipstick-episode-108- Pink Lipstick-episode-109- Pink Lipstick-episode-110- Pink Lipstick-episode-111- Pink Lipstick-episode-112- Pink Lipstick-episode-113- Pink Lipstick-episode-114- Pink Lipstick-episode-115- Pink Lipstick-episode-116- Pink Lipstick-episode-117- Pink Lipstick-episode-118- Pink Lipstick-episode-119- Pink Lipstick-episode-120- Pink Lipstick-episode-121- Pink Lipstick-episode-122- Pink Lipstick-episode-123- Pink Lipstick-episode-124- Pink Lipstick-episode-125- Pink Lipstick-episode-126- Pink Lipstick-episode-127- Pink Lipstick-episode-128- Pink Lipstick-episode-129- Pink Lipstick-episode-130- Pink Lipstick-episode-131- Pink Lipstick-episode-132- Pink Lipstick-episode-133- Pink Lipstick-episode-134- Pink Lipstick-episode-135- Pink Lipstick-episode-136- Pink Lipstick-episode-137- Pink Lipstick-episode-138- Pink Lipstick-episode-139- Pink Lipstick-episode-140- Pink Lipstick-episode-141- Pink Lipstick-episode-142- Pink Lipstick-episode-143- Pink Lipstick-episode-144- Pink Lipstick-episode-145- Pink Lipstick-episode-146- Pink Lipstick-episode-147- Pink Lipstick-episode-148- Pink Lipstick-episode-149-

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