Queen Divas (2014)

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    Born into a noble family, HO SIU-LAN is not only very skillful in household management but also in charge of all events of Lin Enterprise, however trivial, for her husband”s family. Her elder son LIN CHI-SUM and second son LIN CHI-KIT have not got married yet, and they maintain low-profile relationships respectively with two actresses from the film and television industry, leaving SIU-LAN with no alternative but to recognize their marriages. Herelder daughter-in-law KWOK FEI-FEI is the tragic drama queen, whereas her second daughter-in-law MAN CHOI-LING is the comedy-drama queen. Competing head-to-head as two outstanding actresses, their battleground expands from the showbiz to the mega-mansion. Their mother-in-law, who usually presents herself as a kind mother and good wife, in fact hides a dagger in her smile. Three divas showcase sparkling acting skills that nearly surpass the Academy Award Best Actress, resulting in tons of jokes. Until SIU-LAN uncovers that someone has embezzled company money, the whole family falls in dire straits. Ever since then, things unknown by the others have been gradually unmasked with laughter and tears interweaving.
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  • Other title: Meet the Daughter-In-Laws
  • Genres: ComedyRomance
  • Release: 2014
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: Korean

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