101 st Proposal

Watch 101 st Proposal drama online English subbed.

 The absurd situation begins when an old bachelor (Lee Moon-sik) minus the looks, minus the education, and minus even the family background is set up with a “Ms. Perfect” (Park Seon-yeong) for a blind date. But the real problem starts after the date. The guy decides that he could give up his life for her sake. Dal-jae wants to be a decent guy, at least in front of Soo-jung. However, the death of her first love, Chan-hyuk, has put Soo-jung’s life at a standstill. It was her aunt who badgered her into going out on the blind date. Amazingly, her blind date says the exact same words Chan-hyuk had said to her when he proposed to her. But it turns out that the blind date’s younger brother had given him lessons on sweet-talking! Soo-jung becomes angry when she finds out about it and tries to be cold to Dal-jae, but his naivety makes Soo-jung smile. Now, Dal-jae finally has hope in life and Soo-jung gradually opens up to him. But when Woo-joon (Jeong Seong-hwan), who looks exactly like Chan-hyuk suddenly appears in her life, Soo-jung starts to lose ground and Dal-jae crumbles helplessly…

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