Age of Innocence

Watch Age of Innocence drama online English subbed.

 Tae-Suk (Ko Soo) is a senior high school student, but he isn’t interested in studying. His best friend is Min-Soo (Yeo Hyeon-Soo). One day, Tae-Suk skips class and reads comics at a comic book store. Min-Soo skips his studies and tries to find Tae-Suk. Finally, Min-Soo finds Tae-Suk and runs to catch him, but Tae-Suk runs off. He while running away from his friend, Tae-Suk sees a girl named Ji-Yoon (Kim Min-Hee) posting flyers. Tae-Suk tears off a flyer and takes it with him. Ji-Yoon becomes angry. At that moment, Min-Soo comes up and apologizes on behalf of Tae-Suk.

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