Twinkle Twinkle

  • Summary:

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    Han Jung-Won (Kim Hyun-Joo) is a 29-year-old single woman with a good educational background. Her parents are successful and she has one older brother. Jung-Won and her brother works for the family publishing company which her father runs. Jung-Won dreams of one day taking over the publishing company. She works hard and places her career before personal life. Even though her mother seems to favor her brother, Jung-Won’s life seemed perfect, but then she learned that her parent were not her real parents. Two babies were switched in the hospital. Now she faces a different life and she tries to pull herself together to do her best.

    Sources: Asianwiki, Wikipedia

  • Other title:
  • Genres: Drama
  • Release: 2011
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: South Korea

Twinkle Twinkle Episode List:
Twinkle Twinkle-episode-1- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-2- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-3- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-4- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-5- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-6- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-7- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-8- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-9- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-10- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-11- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-12- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-13- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-14- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-15- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-16- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-17- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-18- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-19- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-20- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-21- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-22- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-23- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-24- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-25- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-26- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-27- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-28- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-29- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-30- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-31- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-32- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-33- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-34- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-35- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-36- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-37- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-38- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-39- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-40- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-41- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-42- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-43- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-44- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-45- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-46- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-47- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-48- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-49- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-50- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-51- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-52- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-53- Twinkle Twinkle-episode-54-

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