Will It Snow For Christmas?

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     “Will It Snow For Christmas?” covers the romantic relationship between these four main characters:

    Cha Kang-Jin (Ko Soo) grew up without a father and had a difficult childhood. As a teenager his mother Chun-Hee moved Kang-Jin and his brother to her small hometown of Sancheong. Chun-Hee then opens up a cheap coffee parlor (“dabang”) that attracts men. In Sancheong, Kang-Jin meets Ji-Won (Han Ye-Seul) whose father practices traditional oriental medicine.

    Kang-Jin and Ji-Won feel attracted to each other, but tragedy soon strikes. Kang-Jin had a cherished pendant that belonged to his father, but the pendent is accidentally dropped into the river. Ji-Won feeling pity for Kang-Jin, asked her brother Ji-Yong to retrieve the necklace from the river. Ji-Yong, while attempting to retrieve the necklace, then drowns to death. Grief stricken Ji-Won then runs away from town, but first tells Kang-Jin that she never loved him or liked his mother.

    Eight years later, Kang-Jin is a team leader at Beomyang Corporation. He meets Ji-Won once again on the day of her engagement to Min Tae-Jun (Song Jong-Ho). Tae-Jun is Kang-Jin’s co-worker at Beomyang Corporation. At the engagement ceremony Tae-Jun does not show up. Tae-Jun was with prior lover Lee Woo-Jeong (Seon Woo-Seon). Woo-Jeong’s father is the president of Beomyang Corporation. Ji-Won, after apologizing to the guests for the absence of her fiance, sits down to eat. Sitting across from her is former love Kang-Jin …

    Sources: Asianwiki, Wikipedia

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  • Genres: MelodramaRomance
  • Release: 2009
  • Status: Completed
  • Country: South Korea

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